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In 1977, Stephen K. Erickson and Marilyn S. McKnight opened what was then the third private mediation practice in the country, and is now the longest-operating mediation firm in the country. Since that time they have both made significant contributions to the field of mediation and have been recognized for their accomplishments.

New York State Council on Divorce Mediation's Second Annual Distinguished Mediator Award

Awards & Achievements

1979 – Steve receives Bush Leadership Fellowship

1987 – Marilyn receives Bush Leadership Fellowship

1995 – Marilyn and Steve receive the Augsburg College Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award

1996 – Awarded the Distinguished Mediator Award by the Academy of Family Mediators

2007 – Named as one of MN State Bar Association’s Top Ten Contributors to the Field of Mediation in Minnesota

2011 – New York State Council on Divorce Mediation’s Distinguished Mediator Award


1986 – Steve was 2nd President of the Academy of Family Mediators

1991 – Marilyn was 10th President of the Academy of Family Mediators

2008 – Marilyn was President of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)

2009 – Marilyn was the Chair of the ACR Working Group on Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation

2009 – Steve was the chair of the ACR Certification Taskforce

2012 – Steve and Marilyn are founding board members of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators

Pioneers In The Field

1980 – First 40 Hour Divorce Mediation Training

1983 – First to successfully use a “neutral accountant” in mediation

1985 – Conducted the first Farm Finance Mediation

1988 – Published 1st Casebook in the field of mediation: Family Mediation Casebook: Theory and Process

Development & Contributions

1981 – Steve co-founded the Academy of Family Mediators

1985 – Drafted Rules and Guidelines of the Minnesota Farmer-Lender Mediation Act Wrote the Farm Finance Mediation Training Manual

1985 – Co-sponsored a seminar for Minnesota Clergy entitled Conflict – Curse or Blessing with Abbott Northwestern Hospital Pastoral Counseling Center

1990 – Along with Chief Justice A.M. “Sandy” Keith, consulted and assisted with the drafting and implementation of Minnesota Rule 114

1998 – Marilyn and Steve mediated for the United States Postal Service and Marilyn was a trainer for the program

1999 – Developed, consulted, and testified for the passage of Minnesota’s Parenting Plan Statute 518.1705

2008 – Co-authored an Opinion/Editorial piece for the Minneapolis Star Tribune on foreclosure mediation: The problem? Foreclosures. The Solution? Mediation.

2012 – Founding members of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators

Special Invitations

1995 – Steve and Marilyn invited to present a seminar on Congregational Mediation at the New York Theological Seminary in New York City

1995 – Marilyn invited to attend the First Nations Rights to Water Conference, sponsored by the Pacific Business and Law Institute, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



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