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Erickson Mediation Family Mediation

Founded in 1977 by Stephen Erickson, J.D., and Marilyn McKnight, M.A. as Family Mediation Services, Erickson Mediation Institute (EMI) offers a safe, confidential, economical and fair process to arrive at a successful mediation settlement…

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Mediation Services

Erickson Mediation Services

Mediators at EMI bring parties in conflict together in a structured setting and act as their guide, helping the parties through the process of discussing and coming to agreement about how to resolve their conflict…

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Mediation Training

Erickson Mediation Training

At EMI, we not only offer basic mediation training to become a mediator, we also provide advanced mediation training for practicing mediators and mediation seminars for professionals with valuable conflict resolution and mediation skills…

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