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The training I received in divorce mediation from the Erickson Institute contributed greatly to the development of both my knowledge and my skills in this field. I have conducted numerous divorce mediation since then, with generally very satisfactory results. I recommend their program to any one working, directly or indirectly, with marriage and family issues.” -Ed L.

As family and friends have asked how the training was, I find I have run out of superlatives. I learned many things during that increditle week, and a recurring theme seemed to have been that mediation is about empowerment. I discovered it’s not only empowering for clients, but also for mediators. Being downsized has been a sobering experience, but the skills and training I received at your seminar have reinvigorated my confidence, and I am very enthusiastic about the future. Thank you for the practical knowledge, advice, and experience. I look forward to joining the ranks of such committed professionals as yourselves.” -Cindy B. Thanks so much for the wonderful training we received from you! It was one of the best I’ve ever been through (and I’ve been through more than my share). I can’t recall the last time I spent 10 hours a day in one chair and was ready for more. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, but when you’re learning something interesting as well. While the training was of first importance, meeting you both and getting to know you better was equally important and enjoyable.” -David B. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with your training. It literally changed the way I practiced family law and all of it was to the better. Clearly we have to change the way we handle family law and mediation is one of the best methods, along with changes in how individual lawyers handle their individual cases. All of us know that with the pace in cultural changes going on in America, that our families are going to face crises regularly and lawyers and the justice system must handle these in a far more humane and effective manner.” -A. M. “Sandy” Keith After my week of immersion in the theory and practice of divorce mediation, I feel like a ‘convert’ coming with enthusiasm and commitment to the alternative dispute resolution process, particularly in the family law area.” -Past Participant The results of the mediation concepts have already impacted my practice and approach to family law matters: I had started a letter to opposing counsel in a divorce case the day before the training session started, and I didn’t get back to working on it until a break during the morning of the third day of training. I started over with my original ‘adversarial’ effort and drafted a letter that I could not have written the week prior to the training session. My law partner commented on the letter and indicated that it was probably more persuasive than any other negotiating letter that I could have sent – and the proposal was subsequently accepted as a reasonable resolution of the issue at hand.” -Past Participant The Court system – and those who work within it – must follow your lead in accepting and promoting change that may relieve and reduce the frustration and anger of those who are affected by it – and promote the long term welfare of the parents and children involved in divorce.” -Past Participant Thank you for taking your time to come up to Thief River, and thanks for your commitment to making some changes that will make a difference to our families in crisis.” -Mary E. S. I thoroughly enjoyed the four days that I spend with you in Rochester, where I attempted to learn some of your skills in mediation. To tell you the truth I thought I knew all that I needed to know about mediation, since I have negotiated and settled hundreds of cases in the last twenty years. What I did learn was that I really don’t know very much. I was glad the non-lawyers were included in our class – lawyers seem to think they know a lot but I feel that I probably learned as much or more from the non-lawyers.” -H. J. P. The Civil Mediation training course I took last fall was educational, exciting and fun, and I learned so much. Thank you! Thank you! Also, please convey my appreciation to your support staff for their professionalism and courtesy when I was registering for the course – I had to call several times.” -Bonnie B What was most helpful/useful to you in the training program?


Would have to say all the information was helpful and useful”

Case illustrations during the lectures”

Watching different role plays and listening to examples of the presenters and other participants”

Interaction with instructors and class; live examples of case history and the instructors’ responses”

Hearing case stories and how to handle specific unusual cases”

Manual – extensive; stories on previous situations faced by presenters; very professional; great to include ethics”

The mixed professional group of participants; and the variety of questions. Focus and examples of neutrality; all the literature/materials”

All, especially domestic violence”

Examples through stories; breaking down the process into bite-sized chunks; your approachability”

Hearing the personal stories the trainers shared was really helpful”

For me, watching Steve and Marilyn demonstrate (fishbowl) mediation was the most useful. Having no experience with something like this, it was extremely beneficial.”

-Family Mediation Training Participants

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After my week of immersion in the theory and practice of divorce mediation, I feel like a ‘convert’... Read more

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