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By selecting mediation, parents are committing to work together to determine what is best for their children.

For Mediation To Work, Both Parents Must Agree With The Following

  • Each parent wants the best for their children
  • Each parent is a good parent in his or her own way
  • Contact with both parents is best for the children
  • Parents will communicate with each other regularly over time about their children’s welfareParenting Mediation Services

Within these ground rules, parents can begin to explore the many options available to them which allow parents to tailor individual parenting plan to meet the specific needs of their children.

At EMI, Our Parenting Plan Contains Nine Basic Categories Of Decision-Making

  1. General Understandings
  2. Major Decision-Making
    • > Who will be responsible for making major decision in the child’s life?
  3. Residential Arrangements
    • > When are the children going to be with each parent?
    • > What is the holiday schedule?
    • > Is the schedule during the summer different than the school year?
    • > Who will transport the children where?
    • > How far apart will the parents live from each other?
    • > Agreements about travel out of the state and out of the country with the children? What if one parent moves out of state?
    • > What joint rules do the parents want to enforce in both homes?
  4. Communication Arrangements
  5. Education Agreements
  6. Safety Agreements
  7. Duration of the Parenting Plan
  8. Future Conflict Resolution
  9. Child Support


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