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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?Divorce Mediation In Minneapolis

In order to successfully mediate your divorce, both you and your spouse must participate in the mediation. Throughout the process, our professional mediator will guide you and your spouse through all the decisions that need to be made before you can file for divorce, including decisions around children, finances and property. Most sessions last two hours and many divorce settlements are reached
after just a few sessions. You can begin on whatever issues you feel are most pressing.

What Is Covered In A Mediated Divorce Settlement?

Our mediators will assist you in reviewing all the issues that need to be address in a final divorce decree, such as:

  • Real and personal property
  • Division of assets and/or liabilities
  • Tax considerations
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Living arrangements for the children
  • Parenting responsibilities

Mediators do not make decisions, provide therapy, provide legal representation or perform legal services for divorcing people, but do devote their energy to helping participants obtain fair agreements.

Steve Erickson & Marilyn McKnight Discuss Divorce Mediation

What Happens After Mediation?

The parties’ agreements are summarized in the form of a Mediated Settlement Agreement. From the Mediation Settlement Agreement, an attorney drafts the paperwork that is needed to file for divorce with the court. Sometimes both parties have attorneys. In other situations, the parties use a neutral scrivener attorney who does not represent either of them. After both parties have signed the legal divorce papers, they are submitted to the court for approval by a judge or referee. Not all couples necessarily need to appear in court.

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