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What Is Family Mediation?Free Mediation Consultation In MN

Family mediation is a dispute resolution process that:

  • With the help of the mediator, allows for participants to make their own decisions
  • Provides for creative, constructive resolution of family disputes
  • Offers a constructive reformulation of family roles and responsibilities
  • Reduces the economic and emotional costs associated with the resolution of family disputes

At Erickson Mediation Institute, we assist parties to resolve family conflicts by bringing the interested parties together to discuss and come to a written agreement resolving the issues.

Family disputes frequently involve issues related to finances, children and/or property and in many cases are associated with divorce, post-divorce, parenting, custody, elder & adult family, or LGBT & Domestic Partnership conflicts.

Our professional family mediators act as a guide, bringing the interested parties together to discuss and make decisions based on their own creativity and their own sense of fairness.

What Do Mediators Do?

The family mediator role is to:

  • Assist in communication
  • Encourage understanding
  • Focus the participants on their individual and common interests
  • Work with parties to explore options, make decisions and reach their own agreements.

Our mediators do NOT make decisions, provide therapy, provide legal representation or perform legal services for parties.

Our mediators are devoted to helping participants obtain fair agreements.


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